Sporty’s Releases Updated Flight Review Course

Sporty’s Releases Updated Flight Review Course

New video segments make course the perfect at-home refresher

Sporty’s has updated and expanded its popular Flight Review Course, adding new content focused on flight proficiency and stick and rudder skills. The addition of flight maneuvers training, featuring step-by-step instructions, helps pilots prepare for the flight portion of their next flight review and also makes a great review for anyone who hasn’t flown recently.

“We know that many pilots’ flight time has been limited lately,” said Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “We believe this updated course is a valuable resource for staying current and preparing for a summer filled with flying.”

A number of new video segments have been added, including: tips on using the Graphical Forecast for Aviation, a review of the latest requirements for ADS-B transponders, a detailed look at crosswind landings, tips on how to recover from less than perfect landings, and practical advice for better slow flight and stalls. When combined with existing segments—like flying with iPads in the cockpit, flying under BasicMed, ADS-B weather, and runway safety—Sporty’s Flight Review Course is a complete refresher. It’s packed with over two and a half hours of dynamic video and animations, plus an interactive review quiz and a helpful document library.

Under new FAA regulations, some pilots are able to extend their flight review expiration for up to three months, in part by completing three FAA safety courses. Many of Sporty’s courses, including Flight Review, are accepted by the FAA for WINGS credit, making them an easy and affordable way to satisfy the new training requirements.

Sporty’s Flight Review Course [#E401A] is available for $39.99. It can be accessed, along with all of Sporty’s course offerings, on Sporty’s award-winning Pilot Training platform. This provides the ultimate flexibility by allowing pilots to train using the device that works best on any given day: access online in a web browser, in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for iOS and Android, on AppleTV or RokuTV. Access to all platforms is included and course progress always stays in sync. For more information or to purchase a course please visit



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