Sporty’s Awards Flight Crew Scholarship

Sporty’s Awards Flight Crew Scholarship

Student pilot with plans to help others receives $2,500 award

Sporty’s Flight Crew Scholarship winner Josh Calley.

Josh Calley of Honeoye Falls, NY, is the latest recipient of a $2,500 scholarship awarded through his membership in Sporty’s Flight Crew program. Josh has accumulated about 40 hours of flying experience and is nearing the completion of his Private pilot training. He is flying a Diamond DA40 through OnCore Aviation at the Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC).

Josh is a nurse practitioner and has previously served as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He aims to continue his volunteerism in aviation through Civil Air Patrol and by participating in medical relief flights. Josh plans to put his scholarship toward the completion of his Private pilot studies and checkride before transitioning to Instrument training.

Josh describes his lifelong affinity for aviation: “I have wanted to fly since I was a kid, originally hoping I would someday fly for a commercial airline. I pursued a different career path, but have finally decided to take the plunge into aviation. I plan to use flying to help others.”

Sporty’s Flight Crew is a three-level customer benefit program that rewards customers with access to training programs, unlimited free shipping, an on-call personal Sporty’s shopper, and more. The top two levels (gold and platinum) include the opportunity to apply for a $2,500 flying scholarship.

It’s easy to enroll as a Sporty’s Flight Crew member by visiting