Earn Automatic FAA WINGS Credit With Sporty’s Courses

Earn Automatic FAA WINGS Credit With Sporty’s Courses

Entire Sporty’s course library now eligible for one-click validation

Pilots can now earn FAA WINGS credit automatically from any of Sporty’s 18 training courses, which can help satisfy the requirement for a Flight Review and potentially save money on insurance. Unlike other courses, which require pilots to visit the FAA Safety website, review several pages of training notes, and then take a review quiz, Sporty’s new program provides immediate credit after submitting a brief form within the course.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with the FAA Safety Team in promoting aviation safety and training to all pilots,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke.  “Sporty’s mission to improve aviation safety means we are continually working to make training easier and more effective, and this is a major enhancement for pilots.”

After watching all the video segments and completing a final review quiz, pilots are eligible to request WINGS credit right from Sporty’s Pilot Training app or online portal. After completing the request form and entering their FAA Safety account information, they will be instantly awarded the appropriate Basic or Advanced Knowledge WINGS credit. Credits are then used to help satisfy the requirements of a WINGS phase. Completion of a WINGS phase can then be used to meet the requirements of a Flight Review.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly and Instrument Rating courses provide six credits, while shorter courses provide one credit for either a basic or advanced knowledge topic. Sporty’s courses are available on a variety of devices, including online, iOS app, Android app, and smart TVs. Pilots can complete the course anywhere, then use the online training portal or the iOS app to request WINGS credit when ready.

From Sporty’s Learn to Fly course to advanced glass cockpit training, pilots of all experience levels and interests will find a course from Sporty’s library to meet their training mission. For more information, visit Sportys.com/wings.



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