Become a Garmin Wizard with Sporty’s Garmin Courses

Become a Garmin Wizard with Sporty’s Garmin Courses

Garmin TXI Flight Displays Course

 You’ve bought it, installed it – now learn how to use it

Sporty’s has partnered with Garmin to present all-new courses to make any pilot and aircraft owner an expert on Garmin avionics.

“Advanced avionics training was once reserved for specialty flight schools and training centers, but now pilots can learn on their own time and anywhere they may be because of the availability of Sporty’s courses on multiple mobile platforms,” says Sporty’s Vice President Eric Radtke. “eLearning lets you learn when you want, where you want and at your own pace.”

The new courses are:

Garmin TXi Flight Displays: This interactive TXi Essentials eLearning course provides initial instruction on the fundamental operation of these touchscreen displays, now found in thousands of general aviation panels. Pilots who complete this course will be able to confidently complete standard tasks encountered during a flight, from preflight tests to in-flight navigation.

Garmin G5000 / G5000 Plus: These separate courses for the G5000 and the G5000 with autothrottles, go beyond the Pilot’s Guide to help maximize the benefits and capabilities of this system. Each course will introduce you to the overall G5000 system, provide an understanding of the specific Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) that comprise the system, describe the pilot-aircraft interface, and present a flight scenario that demonstrates use of the system during a typical flight.

Garmin Aviation Weather Radar: This course will introduce you to radar fundamentals, operational principles, industry-standard practices and operational considerations and techniques for all phases of flight. This course also addresses the features, functions and operation of three of Garmin’s airborne weather radars (GWX 70, GWX 75 and GWX 80) as well as reviewing techniques employed for managing weather threats.

Each of these four courses incorporates a combination of scenario-based video training, interactive exercises and review quizzes. After successful completion, pilots will receive a completion certificate, which many insurance companies require when checking out in a new aircraft.

Pilots can access these courses, along with all of Sporty’s course offerings, on Sporty’s award-winning Pilot Training platform. This provides the ultimate flexibility by allowing pilots to train using the device that works best on any given day: access online in a web browser, in Sporty’s Pilot Training app for iOS and Android, on AppleTV or RokuTV. Access to all platforms is included and course progress always stays in sync. For more information or to purchase a course please visit



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Garmin Aviation Weather Radar Course



Garmin G5000/G5000 Plus Course