Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses Now Subtitled

Sporty’s award-winning Learn to Fly Course and Instrument Rating Course now have complete subtitles. Subtitles are another benefit that makes learning the material easier. Subtitles are particularly helpful to individuals who are not native English speakers. Being able to see the words while you hear them clarifies much if English is not your first language.

“Stating that English is the universal language of aviation is easier said than done,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “We had our international customers in mind when we added subtitles in the hopes the feature would make learning a bit easier.”

Subtitles also benefit new pilots, who in addition to hearing information can now read the precise language required for communicating with ATC.  The subtitles are available in the DVD, online and on the app versions of these courses, so this learning boost is available across all platforms.

Sporty’s 2018 Learn to Fly Course [1753A] is available for $199.99 and may be purchased at Sporty’s 2018 Instrument Rating Course [4200-1A] is available for $199.99 and may be purchased and accessed at


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