So Many Headsets; Such a Tough Decision

Sporty’s offers resources to help

The right headset can make a difference as to enjoying a flight or suffering through communications problems, complete with headache. Since no single headset is the best for every pilot, Sporty’s has developed a Headset Buyer’s Guide to walk a pilot through the purchase process. The pilot is asked which factors and features of a headset are important to him and then the Headset Buyer’s Guide suggests several choices which can then be viewed and compared side by side.

“With so many new models, buying the right headset can become overwhelming,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “We’ve tried to simplify the process by narrowing down the choice to three or four headsets, suggested based on the pilot’s preferences.”

Sporty’s also offers a purchase guarantee. A pilot can fly with the newly purchased headset for 30 days. If the headset isn’t 100% satisfactory, it can be returned to Sporty’s for a full refund or exchange, as long as the headset is in its original condition.

“Our Flight Test Guarantee comes with no hassle and no paperwork,” says Zimmerman. “You simply return the headset to us for a refund or you can exchange it for a different headset. Your choice. No questions asked.”

Sporty’s also offers personal advice for pilots shopping for a headset. Email [email protected] to talk to a team of experienced pilots and headset experts at Sporty’s.

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