Sporty’s Vision Jet Auction Raises Over $687,000 for Charity

With a winning bid of $2,615,000, an anonymous, pre-qualified bidder won the auction, clinched the deal and will soon be the proud owner of a Cirrus Vision Jet. The auction took place all week at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and ended Friday, July 28, 2017.

Sporty’s Founder/Chairman Hal Shevers (left) with Cirrus Aircraft Co-Founder Dale Klapmeier

Sporty’s placed for auction its early delivery position for a Cirrus Vision Jet, pledging that any money bid over the aircraft list price including options ($1,927,653), would be donated to charity. With the final bid, $687,000 will be donated to charity.

Sporty’s partnered with Cirrus Aircraft in this auction so the overage will be split between the charities chosen by the two companies. Sporty’s share will be donated to The Sporty’s Foundation which funds programs and scholarships to ensure the next generation of pilots and technicians. With its share, Cirrus will split the funds between AirSpace Minnesota and the Duluth Children’s Museum.

“We have the best possible outcome for this auction,” said Sporty’s Founder and Chairman Hal Shevers. “We hosted a successful auction, and the money will stay within the aviation community and be used to inspire young people in aviation and STEM subjects.”

It is estimated that the winning bidder will take delivery of his Vision Jet within the next 90 days.





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