Flying with the iPad eBook Updated for 2017

Flying with the iPad is the ultimate source for pilots using iPads in their flying and has now been updated for 2017. This ebook’s fourth edition includes information on the iPad Pro, ios 10, and the latest enhancements to popular aviation apps.

“Pilots have adopted the iPad faster than any other consumer technology in recent memory,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “From student pilots in Cessna 172s to airline pilots in Boeings, the iPad is changing the way aviation works.”

Flying with the iPad, from the publishers of Sporty’s popular iPad Pilot News website, helps you choose the right iPad, find the best aviation apps, choose accessories and get flying.  Like no other, this ebook includes information on using a portable ADS-B receiver and the use of an external GPS. Popular apps such as ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot are explored in depth.

Flying with the iPad will turn the average iPad pilot into a power user,” adds Zimmerman.

Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned pro, pilots will be sure to learn something in this fast-paced ebook which includes more than 75 color pictures and screenshots.

Flying with the iPad ebook is available exclusively at and may be downloaded for $6.99.