Sporty’s Launches Breakdown Assistance Program

Now pilots have AAA for their airplanesBreakdownassistance

Sporty’s announces its Breakdown Assistance Program for aircraft owners who need mechanical help away from home. In cooperation with Mike Busch’s Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Sporty’s Breakdown Assistance Program is a 24/7 partner for aircraft owners. With just one phone call to a toll-free hotline, an aircraft owner gains immediate access to Savvy’s team of knowledgeable and seasoned A&P/IA mechanics.

 “Traveling by GA airplane can be one of the most exciting and valuable benefits of your pilot certificate. But an unexpected mechanical can quickly ruin a trip – especially if you’re far from home and it’s late at night or over the weekend,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

When you call Sporty’s toll-free Breakdown Assistance hotline, one of Savvy’s on-duty A&P/IA mechanics will respond anytime, day or night, typically within 15 minutes. Savvy’s Mechanic will assist you in troubleshooting the problem and help you determine whether the aircraft is safe to fly home. If it isn’t, he will refer you to a qualified shop or mechanic located nearby, using Savvy’s extensive database of maintenance resources and Savvy’s experience with which ones are the best to work with.

“I’ve been an aircraft owner for nearly 50 years, and it has always astonished me that GA is virtually the only category of owner-operated motor vehicles for which no breakdown assistance program exists,” says Savvy’s President Mike Busch, who is arguably the best-known A&P/IA in general aviation. “It seems to me that the low cost of this new program makes it literally a no-brainer for any pilot who flies cross-country.”

If it turns out to be necessary for your airplane to go into the shop, help from Sporty’s Breakdown Assistance doesn’t stop there. Savvy’s mechanic will help you determine the extent of repairs required to get you home safely, and will obtain cost estimates from the shop and provide oversight of their service until the work is complete. Then he will review maintenance records and invoice on your behalf to make sure they’re accurate and fair, and that there are no surprises.

“Whether you fly coast-to-coast on a regular basis or just go to Oshkosh once a year, this program is a sound investment,” adds Zimmerman. “The peace of mind it provides can be priceless.”

Sporty’s Breakdown Assistance Program is intended for owner-flown aircraft, and does not cover routine preventive maintenance or mechanical problems that occur within 50 statute miles of the airplane’s home base.

Sporty’s Breakdown Assistance Program for single-engine piston aircraft [E150A] is available for one year for $149.00.  Sporty’s Breakdown Assistance Program for multi-engine piston aircraft [E181A] is available for one year for $199.00. Sporty’s Breakdown Assistance Program for single-engine turbine aircraft [E460A] is available for $249.00. The program is available now. Coverage becomes effective 48 hours after the order is placed at




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