Logbooks: Richard Collins Latest Book

New book chronicles Richard’s fascinating careerM200A

General aviation icon Richard Collins has released his latest book, Logbooks: Life in Aviation.  In Logbooks, Richard uses airplanes as the centerpiece to weave together fascinating stories from his career in aviation and magazine publishing, tracking the evolution of each industry as he lived it.

According to Richard, he has flown “virtually all the airplanes that were offered from the end of World War II up to 2008” when he retired from flying. Readers get to ride right seat in many of these airplanes in this book.

In Logbooks, new pilots will learn first-hand about aircraft they’ve only heard of while veteran pilots will enjoy reminiscing about the much-loved aircraft that Richard flew during his storied career. From landing on an aircraft carrier, to flying the Concorde, to countless cross-country trips in N40RC, his P210, Richard tells engrossing and detailed stories about his life in aviation.

With 310 pages, Logbooks is divided into six sections. In addition to the flying stories, Richard shares what it takes to fly safely with real world tips for pilots of all levels.

Logbooks: Life in Aviation [M200A] is available for $19.95 in paperback and may be ordered at sportys.com or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.


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