Sporty’s Partners with Prevailance Aerospace to Supply Unique Flight Training

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Prevailance Aerospace Training

Increase pilot confidence and proficiency with TOPGUN pilots 

The general aviation expertise of Sporty’s matched with the military aviation expertise of Prevailance Aerospace makes for an unbeatable combination for general aviation pilots looking to hone their skills through a unique, hands-on learning experience.

Two courses are offered, taught by former military aviators, to address leading causes of general aviation accidents while improving basic airmanship skills. Working both with classroom instruction and hands-on flight training, these two courses are valuable for pilots of all experience levels.

“These are TOPGUN pilots – graduates of the Navy Fighter Weapons School,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke.  “All Prevailance instructors have thousands of flight hours in a wide variety of aircraft, including multiple aviation combat tours and tactical jet training. In short, they are the real deal and exactly who you would want in an instructor.”

The Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Course addresses the #1 cause of fatalities in general aviation: Loss-of-Control Inflight. After an enlightening ground school, three training flights are conducted to familiarize the pilot with the advanced handling characteristics of the Extra 330LX through a variety of flight scenarios requiring specific skills to ensure an effective recovery. This program allows the pilot to safely experience flight regimes and conditions that are not feasible in most airplanes.

The Unusual Attitude Training Course provides exposure to dynamic, edge-of-the-envelope maneuvering in a safe and controlled environment utilizing the Extra 330LX. Following a two-hour ground school, the student participates in two training flights over two days including aircraft familiarization, and an introduction to aerobatic maneuvers including the aileron roll, loop, barrel roll and more.

The Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Course [20172A] is available for $3,495 while The Unusual Attitude Training Course [20131A] is available for $2,395. Training takes place at the Prevailance Aerospace training facility at the Chesapeake Regional Airport (KCPK) in Chesapeake, VA utilizing the high-performance Extra 330LX. For more information, including a course syllabus, or to register, visit


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Attitude Training Course

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