Sporty’s Launches Air Charter Service

Convenient air travel available throughout the Midwest  


Sporty’s Eastern Cincinnati Aviation has added on-demand air charter to its complement of general aviation services at the Sporty’s Clermont County Airport in Batavia, Ohio.  A Cessna 182 Skylane is now available through Sporty’s Air Charter for passenger travel, as well as cargo courier service, to and from hundreds of destinations throughout the Midwest.

“A 182 may not be the first airplane that pops into your mind for charter, but the Skylane allows access to a variety of airports often closer and more convenient than airline alternatives or even traditional charter aircraft.  It also offers flexibility for multiple destinations in a single day,” says Sporty’s Air Charter Director of Operations Eric Radtke.  “The Skylane’s environment allows passengers to remain productive or rest and recoup the most valuable of all resources – time.”

Sporty’s Air Charter is a great solution for busy executives who need to get to a meeting or visit clients without the hassle and stress of driving the clogged highways.  One to three passengers can be comfortably accommodated for destinations within a 150-300 mile radius of Clermont County Airport.

Sporty’s Clermont County Airport is an ideal base of operations for your private air travel. It’s small enough that you will always receive a personal welcome to the first-class, modern facilities, yet big enough to give you access to modern amenities.

In addition to Air Charter Services, Sporty’s Eastern Cincinnati Aviation is a full service FBO and flight school. They provide flight training for more than 150 active students with 30 CFIs and 15 training aircraft. They have hangar space for more than 100 aircraft, provide aircraft maintenance and operate an avionics service and installation center.  Sporty’s Eastern Cincinnati Aviation is also an authorized dealer for Robinson Helicopter and Legend Cub.

For more information on Sporty’s Air Charter or to receive a custom travel quote, visit or contact Sporty’s Air Charter at 513.735.9500.

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