Inside or Outside Your Airplane: Lights, Camera, Action!

Make your GoPro cockpit-ready with Sporty’s new kits

Capture and preserve those memorable flights on your GoPro, now enhanced with Sporty’s GoPro Kits.

Capture and preserve those memorable flights on your GoPro, now enhanced with Sporty’s GoPro Kits.

Sporty’s offers solutions for three shortcomings encountered when shooting video with a GoPro from an airplane: propeller distortion, the inability to connect to an aviation headset, and mounting systems that don’t work in flight. With two new GoPro Kits, pilots can create high quality video both inside the airplane and outside the airplane.

The GoPro Interior Kit includes a lens filter that virtually eliminates prop distortion and a custom aviation audio cable so you can record radio communication. The audio cable features an in-line charging plug, so pilots can charge the GoPro battery in flight while recording audio. The kit also includes a GoPro suction cup mount and travel case for easy organization in your flight bag.

Pilots flying experimental aircraft will appreciate the GoPro Exterior Kit, which includes a sturdy exterior mount that can be used anywhere you have a #6, #8 or #10 screw or AN4 bolt. The kit also features a neutral density filter to eliminate the shutter lines from the propeller and a handsome GoPro travel case for organization and protection in your flight bag.

Compatible with the GoPro Hero3, 3+ and Hero4, the GoPro Interior Mounting Kit and the GoPro Exterior Mounting Kit are sold separately from the GoPro camera. The GoPro Interior Mounting Kit [B1964A] is available or $149.95. The GoPro Exterior Mounting Kit [B2280A] is available for $149.95 and requires the waterproof case included with most GoPro cameras. Sporty’s products may be ordered online at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Sporty's GoPro Exterior Mounting Kit

Sporty’s GoPro Exterior Mounting Kit


High resolution pictures for print:

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s GoPro Interior Mounting Kit

Download hi-res EPS of Sporty’s GoPro Exterior Mounting Kit