New Soaring Handbook Available from Sporty’s

Perfect for student pilots or old pros

Soaring Pilot's Handbook

Soaring Pilot’s Handbook

Veteran glider instructor and Designated Pilot Examiner Dick Eckels shares a lifetime of knowledge in A Soaring Pilot’s Handbook, a comprehensive new book on mastering glider flying.

A Soaring Pilot’s Handbook delves deep into the intricacies of learning to fly a glider while maintaining an easy-to-read style. The book includes nearly 200 pictures and diagrams to help explain the important concepts. Color images abound in the ebook format while the coil bound handbook includes crisp black & white images along with a color appendix showing cloud formations important to soaring.

A Soaring Pilot’s Handbook is organized by the Areas of Operation found in the FAA Glider Practical Test Standards. It is an excellent resource for students starting their flying pursuits in a glider as well as for existing pilots with an interest in powerless flight.

Eckels decided to write this book when he found far too many students were lacking essential knowledge for the practical test. Many students learn to fly gliders in a club environment which has some advantages. However, the instruction often lacks continuity since the student may float between multiple club instructors. A Soaring Pilot’s Handbook can help to fill in the gaps and provide continuity as a learning resource.

A Soaring Pilot’s Handbook is not just for students. It is also a great resource for glider pilots who would like to brush up on forgotten or missing information. This handbook should also be considered an indispensable teaching tool for glider flight instructors. A solid learning foundation can lead to a more fulfilling and safer flying experience.

“General aviation pilots tend to look at soaring as entirely different from what they do,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “This handbook shows how soaring is just another way to fly.”

This Handbook walks you through the entire process of learning to fly without power so you’ll be ready to go soaring. A Soaring Pilot’s Handbook is available as a coil bound, printed book [M135A] for $39.95 or a convenient PDF ebook [E630A] for $29.95. Either format may be ordered at The printed book may also be ordered by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.