Plain or Fancy: Sporty’s Has the iPad Kneeboard for You

Latest designs fit iPad 1-4, iPad Air and iPad Mini

Sporty's iPad Bi-fold Kneeboard

Sporty’s Bi-fold iPad Kneeboard

With iPads a regular feature of many cockpits, Sporty’s offers a selection of kneeboards for efficient use of all iPad models. Many of these designs are updated based on pilot feedback, with smaller sizes and more flexible organization options.

Sporty’s Bi-fold iPad Kneeboard has a stand with infinitely adjustable viewing angles to reduce screen glare. It also includes an organizer section with mesh pockets and a zippered compartment to store charging cables or screen cleaners. An exterior storage pocket and ID holder add to its utility, while an adjustable leg strap and padded back ensure comfort even during a long flight.

The Bi-fold iPad Kneeboard’s organizer flap can be folded over for a slimmer shape in tight cockpits. A removable board permits both portrait and landscape mounting options for the iPad.

“The Bi-fold Kneeboard has all the bells and whistles that pilots have been requesting,” says Sporty’s vice president John Zimmerman. “What’s more, when closed, this kneeboard offers complete protection for your iPad.”

The Slimline iPad Kneeboard is the smallest, simplest solution for using an iPad in the cockpit. This kneeboard has a sturdy mounting surface with elastic straps on the corners for holding an iPad. The knee strap can be oriented for portrait or landscape viewing and will work with most iPad cases.

The iPad 1-4 Bi-fold Kneeboard [4999A], the iPad Air Bi-Fold Kneeboard [5219A], and the iPad Mini Bi-fold Kneeboard [9078A] are each available for $39.95.The Slimline iPad 1-4 Kneeboard [5331A] and the Slimline iPad Air Kneeboard [5082A] are each available for $18.95 while the iPad Mini Slimline Kneeboard [2231A] is available for $15.95. All Sporty’s iPad products may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.


Sporty's Slimline iPad Kneeboard

Sporty’s Slimline iPad Kneeboard


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