Sporty’s Airspace Review Now an Online Course

Classic Sporty’s Program Updated Again

Sporty’s Airspace Review will help you master the U.S. airspace system.

Sporty’s Airspace Review will help you master the U.S. airspace system.

Sporty’s Airspace Review has been updated and is now delivered as an online course which includes more than 30 minutes of all-new HD video with 3-D graphics and animations.

“Our goal with this program is to demystify the complex types of airspace,” says Sporty’s Vice President Bret Koebbe. “We describe and explain the various classes of airspace, their operating procedures, dimensions and charting symbols.”

Sporty’s Airspace Review also includes invaluable sections on TFRs, national security areas, military intercept procedures and discusses the Washington, DC SFRA and its laser-based Visual Warning System.

“Just recently, another GA pilot violated the DC airspace, so this is essential information for all pilots,” adds Koebbe. “Whether you’re a student, instructor or experienced pilot, you’ll be able to quickly access specific topics with the intuitive menu.”

This course provides a review quiz based on content from the videos. After finishing the questions you’ll receive instant feedback on your score and be able to review missed questions. The course also provides access to airspace information from the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and a convenient airspace reference card.

Like all Sporty’s online courses, Airspace Review uses the latest in HTML5 technology, meaning you can access it on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device, as long as it has a web browser and internet connection. There is no software to install – once purchased, the user just signs in.

Accepted for FAA WINGS credit, Airspace Review [E931A] is available for $15.95 at


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