Young Eagles

The Sporty’s Foundation Concludes Third Quarter Grants

EAA’s Next Step remains main focus of Foundation efforts

The Sporty’s Foundation paid out $39,998 in gifts and grants during the third quarter of 2013. EAA’s Next Step program, which provides free online access to Sporty’s Private Pilot Training Course for all Young Eagles, remains the major beneficiary of Foundation funds.

“We were all saddened by the death of EAA’s Katrina Bradshaw,” says Sporty’s President Michael Wolf. “She was a champion of the Next Step program where 23,000 EAA Young Eagles have already been given free access to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course. She will be missed by all of us at Sporty’s.”

In addition, The Sporty’s Foundation provided $5,000 for an Aviation Exploring scholarship, funded a Women in Aviation scholarship and an Aircraft Electronics Association scholarship.

“Quarter by quarter, we are doing what we can to encourage the next generation of pilots and technicians,” says Wolf. “We know our scholarships ease the way and broaden the horizons of deserving young people.”

To ensure maximum return on donor investments, 100 percent of The Sporty’s Foundation operating costs are underwritten by Sporty’s Pilot Shop. For more information on The Sporty’s Foundation or to make a donation, visit