Sporty’s Launches Flying Club Rebate Program

Members earn money for their flying clubs with Sporty’s purchases

Sporty's Flying Club

Earn 5% cash back with Sporty’s Flying Club

Members of bona fide flying clubs will now receive a 5% rebate on any Sporty’s purchase, which will be paid to their flying clubs on a quarterly basis. There is no fee for this program; flying clubs simply register with Sporty’s.

“We are in support of any initiative that spurs pilots to fly more and keeps the price of flying down,” says Sporty’s President Michael Wolf. “Individuals who belong to flying clubs will make their normal purchases while supplying their flying clubs with revenue to defray club operating expenses.”

To participate in Sporty’s Flying Club Rebate Initiative, each flying club registers with Sporty’s at Part of the registration process is to supply a copy of the bylaws, which must include a provision that the flying club is accepting new members.

Then the flying club provides a list of members, including their email address, and these members are registered as being associated with a particular club. When a purchase is made, the flying club member does not have to use any code or password; they will be automatically recognized as a registered participant. Rebate checks will be issued quarterly to the flying club.

Flying clubs will be able to earn up to $5,000 a year through Sporty’s program. Clubs can add new members at any time and will be asked twice a year to review their registered club members to delete those individuals who are no longer affiliated with a particular club.

“AOPA’s work to encourage the growth of flying clubs was the impetus for our program,” adds Wolf. “We see this program as a way to strengthen flying clubs by giving them an opportunity to earn a rebate simply by their members making their aviation purchases at Sporty’s.”

Flying clubs interested in additional revenue can also sign up to become a Sporty’s dealer. This simple and flexible program allows flying clubs to sell training videos, flight bags and much more, with attractive wholesale pricing.

To sign up for Sporty’s Flying Club Rebate Program, visit To sign up for Sporty’s Dealer Program, visit


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