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Sporty’s Joins Forces with AIC Title Service, LLC

Sporty's and AIC Title Service announce partnership

Sporty’s and AIC Title Service, LLC announce partnership

Aircraft acquisition products now offered by Sporty’s

Sporty’s and AIC Title Service, LLC have partnered to help pilots through the complicated process of buying an aircraft.

AIC Title Service’s title search product provides ownership details as well as aircraft lien status. The title search package also includes copies of Major Alterations and Repairs as reported on Form 337s so you’ll be better informed.

“With AIC Title Service, we now offer a complete suite of services to make your aircraft purchase hassle free,” says Sporty’s President and CEO Michael Wolf. “With such a significant investment, you don’t want to leave any detail to chance.”

Additional acquisition services include aircraft title insurance to protect against forgeries, fraud or any FAA filing or recording errors; escrow service; aircraft registration; document services; international registry and more.

“The first time I remember seeing a Sporty’s catalog was on my father’s desk in the early 1970s,” says AIC Title Service Owner Clay Healey. “Since, that day I have always looked to Sporty’s to fill all my pilot needs, so it is an honor to partner with Sporty’s.  Sporty’s has the best products, service and staff in the industry so we are happy to have this opportunity to work together.”

Sporty’s Preferred Title Search package from AIC Title Service is available for $70 and includes a record of major alterations and repairs. Other acquisition products and services are available as a custom quote. Visit to purchase your title search or be put in contact with an expert AIC Title Service representative.