Sporty’s Offers a New Approach to IFR Training

eFoggers allow flight instructors to remotely fog up a student’s field of view.

eFoggers allow flight instructors to remotely fog up a student’s field of view.

Introducing eFoggers

IFR training hoods are bulky and awkward to wear in the cockpit. IFR glasses offer a good alternative, but you may be required to put them on and remove them many times during a single flight. Either way, it’s not very realistic. Now eFoggers offer a unique solution for better IFR training.

Never again will pilots hear their instructor say, “You just inadvertently entered a cloud. I have the controls while you put on your IFR training glasses.” Instead, with the flip of a switch eFoggers put the pilot in hard IMC. The pilot can continue to fly as they enter instrument conditions, making for a much more realistic scenario and a much more valuable training flight.

These IFR training glasses utilize aerospace-grade materials and are attached to a control box via a 6-foot-long cord.  A 9V battery (not included) is housed in the control box and is used to turn the glasses “clear.” The battery provides over 10 hours of clear time. The instructor simply presses the switch on the top to control visibility.

“eFoggers make instrument training more effective,” says Eric Radtke, president of Sporty’s Academy.  “Clearing up the glasses only after the student has leveled off at minimums, inadvertent IMC–these are just a couple of the new training scenarios that eFoggers make possible.”

eFoggers (7006A) come with a carrying case and are available for $99.95 at or by calling 1-800-SPORTYS.

Download hi-res Eps of eFoggers

Download hi-res Eps of eFoggers(clear)

Download hi-res Eps of eFoggers(frosted)