Navigate Your Way through AOPA Summit 2012

Sporty’s AOPA app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Sporty’s free app makes planning easy

Sporty’s all-new app for AOPA Summit 2012 is free and ready to download. The app, available for iPad, iPhone and Android is a must-have tool to maximize your time. AOPA Summit is scheduled for October 11-13, 2012, in Palm Springs, California.

“The old school attendee is weighted down and juggling maps, notebook, papers, program, pens, highlighter and guides; the new school attendee simply turns on his or her smart device and is set for the day,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

The AOPA Summit App from Sporty’s contains all the information necessary to ensure you see all that Summit has to offer. You’ll find exhibitors, learning experiences, events, speakers and other program elements all presented in an easy-to-navigate format. And if you’re flying to Summit this year, the App will also serve as your all-in-one resource.  The app includes all of the flight procedure information you’ll need including the official NOTAM.

By using the app’s “My Summit” feature, you can make an hour by hour itinerary for yourself, full of details, times, and locations. The Summit App includes an interactive exhibitors list and Exhibit Hall map. Click on the name of an exhibitor and you will instantly be shown where that exhibit is located on the map, right down to the precise booth location.

“You’re carrying your phone or iPad anyway, so give yourself a break and download the AOPA Summit App from Sporty’s,” adds Zimmerman. “You won’t miss anything or get the day or times wrong. The App is a good way to check that you cover everything of interest to you.”

Sporty’s has also created apps for Sun ‘n Fun, EAA AirVenture, and the International Women in Aviation Conference. All convention apps are provided by Sporty’s at no charge to the aviation community.

Sporty’s 2012 AOPA Summit App is available for iOS and Android devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The Android version of the app is designed for both phones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire. For more information, or to download the free app, visit

Download hi res EPS of the AOPA Summit App

Download hi res EPS of the AOPA Summit App on an iPhone

Download hi res EPS of the AOPA Summit App on an Android phone

Download hi res EPS of the AOPA Summit App on an iPad

Download hi res EPS of the AOPA Summit App on an Android tablet