Sporty's Flying the Aspen Evolution DVD

Flying the Aspen Evolution now updated

Sporty's Flying the Aspen Evolution DVD

Learn the latest features in Sporty’s Flying the Aspen Evolution video.

The popular Aspen Evolution has redefined glass panels in small airplanes, but going from steam gauges to a state-of-the-art glass cockpit can be overwhelming. Sporty’s Flying the Aspen Evolution program is a great way to learn the finer features of this revolutionary system.

This comprehensive program was recently updated with the addition of Evolution Synthetic Vision (ESV) displayed on the PFD and MFD which includes 3D terrain and obstacles, unusual attitude guidance, distance line and range markers, dynamic traffic display and the dynamic flight path marker.

“Now that thousands of general aviation pilots have upgraded their panels with Aspen, this video will help them use all the features and benefits Aspen offers,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke.

In addition, Flying the Aspen Evolution examines electronic charts on the MFD, including approach charts, departure and arrival procedures and airport diagrams. Like all Sporty’s training programs, this video is chock-full of real-life flying scenarios so you can see the equipment in actual flying conditions.

“We go beyond the meat and potatoes of using this equipment,” adds Radtke. “We like to provide insights and tips that might have taken a user a dozen flight hours to learn.

Flying the Aspen Evolution is 75 minutes in length and covers all software updates between v2.0 and v2.5, including system control and display improvements on Aspen’s PFD and MFD. The program is available in DVD format [D535A], as an App and as a download [E535A] for $31.95 at or by calling Sporty’s at 1.800.SPORTYS.

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